Historically Significant Nashville
Presentation Coin Silver Set, dated 1859

Architectural repousse three piece coin silver set, consisting of a pitcher and two goblets, all inscribed:  "Presented to Nashville Female Academy, by Senior Class 1859."

Pitcher:  10 ¾ inches (height), Goblets: 6 3/8 inches (height).  Maker's mark on each piece indicates that the pieces were made by George Sharp.  Sharp was an important maker who produced exclusively for Bailey & Co. from  1852 - 1866.  Also, the hallmarks indicate that the pieces were sold through Bailey & Co., Philadelphia, 1846 - 1878, "Bailey & Co., Chestnut Street."  Bailey & Co. is a precursor to Bailey, Banks & Biddle of Philadelphia.  Cartouche on front of pitcher bears the names of the fifty-seven Senior Class members of 1859, names representative of some of the most prominent Nashville families of the time.

Senior Class of 1859 listed in cartouche on front of pitcher:

Column 1                      Column 2                      Column 3   

Mary S. Allay                 Rebecca B. Harris        Lizzie Otis
Emma S. Anderson        Annie E. Hester            Kate Page
M. Ludie Baugh             Kate C. Hodges             Bettie W. Pointer
Mary E. Blanchard         Mary D. Jones               Mattie Z. Powell
Annie L. Boddie             Maria H. Jones             Ellen K. Rains
Mattie E. Boxley             Felicia Kittrell              Tranquilla Reed
Mary B. Bralston            Annie March                Corine L. Reeves
Georgie E. Barton          Mollie E. Martin            Josephine B. Reeves
Leah A. Cannon            Mary Mathison             Emma Reynolds
Mary A. Catchings         Mary D. McClelland     Ella Reynolds
Bettie Childress             Maggie M. Ferran         Zorilda L. Sneed
Lavinnia J. Crutcher       Sue V. McNairy            Irene L. Steuart
Lucy A. Dalls                 Mattie E. Moore           Mary E. Swearingen
Annie F. Dunaway        Lucy P. Moore              Annie Thompson
Alicia F. Dyas                Lizzie M. Moore           Maria E. Topp
Mary W. Evans              Mattie G. Moore          Michal Wynn
Louisiann Fortson         Mary R. Mosly              Patti Wade
Mary H. Hadley             Sallie W. Newsom       Loula Weaver
Leonora Hamilton         Kate Norvell                 Mollie Sims

"The Nashville Female Academy opened in 1816 with Dr. C. D. Elliott as its' conductor.  Dr. Berry principled the school for several years, during which Margaret Jane May, Ann, and Elizabeth Overton attended the academy.  When Dr. Berry resigned, Rev. Hume presided until his death in 1833, after which, Rev. Robert Lapsley oversaw about 200 students with a little over 70 in the boarding house.  The school saw hard times during the Civil War and closed soon afterwards."  (From: Travelers Rest Plantation & Museum, Timelines, Nashville, Tennessee.)



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