2 Handled Stoneware Jar by T. W. Craven
ca. 1840-1860, Tennessee

(1804 - 1860)

Approximate dimensions:  19 � inches (height), 14 inches (maximum diameter).  Incised "10" [10 gallons] on upper half of jar, and incised decoration around lower portion.  Stoneware, local slip, and salt glaze.  Henderson County, TN.

Much of Craven pottery is very distinctive.  The juncture of two separately turned pieces is concealed with bands of clay, thus, the decorative band around the mid-section of the piece.  This particular piece is not signed, as is the case with many of the pieces.  However, in comparison with many other pieces, this jar is superior in decoration and condition.

The Cravens moved from North Carolina to Tennessee in 1829.


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