Untitled Watercolor by William C. Craig
dated 1873

(Irish-American, 1829 - 1875)

Watercolor and gouache on paper, approximately 7 x 14 inches (sight), 15 x 12 inches (frame), period frame, signed and dated "1873" lower right.

Born in Dublin, Ireland, Craig achieved notoriety as a watercolorist in his native country before moving to New York in 1863.  There he was on of the founding members of the American Watercolor Society.  The artist traveled throughout upstate New York painting landscape views and took a trip to Kentucky and Ohio in 1865.  While in Kentucky, he painted a few views in Mason County.  Craig died tragically while in his mid-forties, drowning in Lake George, New York.  Paintings by Craig are rare.  Works by him, depicting scenes in upper New York state, Vermont and Canada can be found in the collections of the New York Historical Society and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.  He worked mostly in the medium of watercolor.  Upon his death in 1875, a writer for the American Art Journal remarked: "His...pictures were admirable specimens...tender, yet brilliant in tone...and possessed...[a] peculiar transparency of coloring."


Comprehensive biographical information about the artist available upon request.

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