Fine Kentucky Two-Part Cherry Press
ca. 1825

85 ½ inches (total height), 10 inches (height of leg), 40 ¾ inches (width of bottom case), 20 ¼ inches (depth of bottom case), 36 inches (width of top case), 14 ¾ inches (depth of top case).

Primary wood:  Kentucky Cherry.
Secondary Wood:  Tulip Poplar.
Old, possibly original, finish, with dovetail construction.

Excellent proportions with a very tall leg.   All original.
(Sold at the Willis Shreve estate auction, Bowling Green, Kentucky, June 14, 2008).

Oral history states that the piece is originally from the Campbellsville, Ketucky area, from which the Willis Shreve family moved,
and that the press is made by "John D. Steele,  the great, great, great grandfather of Willis [Willis Shreve]." (See information in envelope that accompanies the press.)



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