"ROBERT E. LEE" (Copyrighted in 1870 by Bradley & Company) Engraved by A.B. WALKER after a photo from life.

This beautifully engraved portrait of Robert E. Lee was originally sold to raise money for a memorial at his tomb in Lexington, Virginia. The inscriptions at the base of the print read: “Sold by authority of the Lee Memorial Association for the erection of a monument at the tomb of Genl. R. E. Lee at the Washington & Lee University. William N. Pendleton, who acted as Lee’s wartime artillery chief, became chairman of the Lee Memorial Association after the war and dedicated himself to preserving General Lee’s “sacred memory.” This original 1870 engraving is in perfect, clean condition and was properly sealed under glass with a French watercolor mat and a 25 ¾ x 29⅝ inch cherry wood frame. On the back is an old David Bendann’s Fine Art Rooms, Baltimore label.


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