"RARE SMALL SOUTHERN CUPBOARD WITH EXTRAORDINARY PAINT DECORATION" (Greenville, Augusta, County Virginia, mid 19th century)

Approximate dimensions:  43 ½ inches (height), 28 inches (case width), 29â…" inches (top width with overhang), 16 ½ inches (case depth).  Woods appear to be:  cherry (top and bottom), walnut (legs); one panel on each side is cherry and one is walnut, the remaining panels and the rest of the piece are tulip poplar.
Loss of old script/writing on interior is a result of the panels being chamfered:  “…ilma...eevill…gust Co [Greenville, Augusta, Co….], and another panel has indecipherable lettering.  Because of the mixed woods, it can be surmised that the intention of the cabinet maker was to paint the piece; there is no indication of any other surface application.  Also, the mixed woods, including hardwoods, indicates that the piece may be from the South. The lettering which, with little doubt, indicates “Greenville, Augusta, Co.,” and the fact that research reveals no other location other than Virginia for a town by the name of “Greenville” located in a county by the name of “Augusta,” strongly supports the attribution to Greenville, Augusta Co., Virginia. The piece has two shelves, not including the bottom. Raised chamfered panels on interior.  Top nailed to case, peg and mortise construction on case, door, etc.  All original including the extraordinary paint decoration.
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